Wordcampnz Presentations

Hello everyone – thanks for coming along. Presentations will be over here

Some of the slides are up already – just need to get updated versions so we can load the others very soon. Thanks to speakers, sponsors and coffee baristas and especially all of you for coming along.

Some early posts from Ellen Bauer, Carol Green, Simone McCallum, Nathaniel Flick, me and Rahul Singh – others to come.

Vaughan Rowsell won Top Moustache award to go alongside his Innovator of the year award.  Wanted to call day 1 Poetry Day & day 2 Code day – we got plenty of both.

Zarek Jenkinson won the Microsoft Award for services to the Pirate party and also because at 15 he was the only person to fess up to running a triple booting machine on a flavour of Linux called Arch?. Forget Centos, Fedora and Ubuntu Zarek is obviously destined for greatness.  At least one developer tried to hire him on the spot but he still has school work to do.

Glenn Williams won a community service award for Radio Wammo

A great time was had by all. Extra special thanks to all the Aussies who flew in & to Gary who came from Japan, @manuelesposito and @ellenbauer all the way from Berlin and Amanda from (Oregon, NY, AZ ) U.S.

Last word goes to Vaughn Davis ( for now)

“Finally in the room at @wordcampnz, bombarded by welcoming smiles and reminded why this is always one of the year’s best events.”

Living the Dream - Vaughn Davis messing around with Justin Flitters name tag

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