On the Day Logistics

Your WordCampNZ ticket

Your WordCampNZ ticket

When you arrive at the O’Connell St entrance to Ellen Melville Hall go upstairs and we will check you off one of our lists.

You will receive a combined ticket / ID tag / schedule much like the one on the left of this update.

Depending on when you arrive you may need to write your own name on a tag and anything else like twitter id that you think might be useful.

We will have some coffee vouchers on hand so as soon as you are checked in you can get a coffee outside at Johnny Wrays. We expect to open registration checkin at 8:15am but may try for earlier if the production equipment gets sorted faster.

We have a few volunteers to setup tables & chairs and some for registration but if you are early we may still need some help. Best car parking is at Victoria St carpark nearby $7.50 for a full day. Google map for Vic St carpark

For other notes on cafes etc see earlier post on local over here

Don’t forget the party starts at 6pm. We need to be out of the venue by 5:45pm latest and so there will be aiming to stay on schedule and finish as close to 5pm as we can.

See you all there 🙂

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