Wordcampnz Presentations

Hello everyone – thanks for coming along. Presentations will be over here

Some of the slides are up already – just need to get updated versions so we can load the others very soon. Thanks to speakers, sponsors and coffee baristas and especially all of you for coming along.

Some early posts from Ellen Bauer, Carol Green, Simone McCallum, Nathaniel Flick, me and Rahul Singh – others to come.

Vaughan Rowsell won Top Moustache award to go alongside his Innovator of the year award.  Wanted to call day 1 Poetry Day & day 2 Code day – we got plenty of both.

Zarek Jenkinson won the Microsoft Award for services to the Pirate party and also because at 15 he was the only person to fess up to running a triple booting machine on a flavour of Linux called Arch?. Forget Centos, Fedora and Ubuntu Zarek is obviously destined for greatness.  At least one developer tried to hire him on the spot but he still has school work to do.

Glenn Williams won a community service award for Radio Wammo

A great time was had by all. Extra special thanks to all the Aussies who flew in & to Gary who came from Japan, @manuelesposito and @ellenbauer all the way from Berlin and Amanda from (Oregon, NY, AZ ) U.S.

Last word goes to Vaughn Davis ( for now)

“Finally in the room at @wordcampnz, bombarded by welcoming smiles and reminded why this is always one of the year’s best events.”

Living the Dream - Vaughn Davis messing around with Justin Flitters name tag

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Music at Wordcampnz

At #wordcampnz we are music fans. Last year ukeleles – this year Ukes on “word up” by Mike & Carol (video soon) plus local legend Luke Hurley (Lukealele) who sang 3 songs at our event. Glenn Wiliams of @radiowammo has won our first WP community prize for services to the WordPress community in New Zealand. Part of his prize was to have his fave Lukesong live. He picked “Make Room”. Here is Luke keeping it real at #wordcampnz.

The 3 songs – Mechanical, Only Love and Make Room
so you can have a listen

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Devs & Techs Sessions #wordcampnz

Today we are at Young & Shand – The Brewery down in Britomart. This morning talks from speakers. This afternoon unconference – (you guys tell us what you are working on.)

Some quick snaps.  Special hello & Thanks Wordcamp Nashville also on right now

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CMS Tools for Developers- Owen Harris

Owen Harris

Owen Harris -NZ / US

Owen has recently moved back to NZ after 12 years in the U.S – most recently Chicago. A veteran with content management systems Owen will be talking about tools for developers especially CS from Adobe. Most of us work with CSS on a daily basis and so design tools and related content asset managements systems are part of the same territory.

Owen will be speaking on Sunday morning at our Tech & Devs sessions down in Britomart at Young & Shand. Owen is also a DJ and enthusiastic music fan and while in Chicago was active in radio at CHIRP Radio which is a music- and culture-focused community radio station.

“Owen ‘The Jackal’ Harris; a dedicated musical omnivore who would go hungry rather than pass up on buying records. Buying LOTS of records. Owen also was partly responsible for the world’s first-ever documentary series on Split Enz, as well as frequently hosting The “surprise” and “special” parts of 95bFM programming, focussing on one artist, label, or era.”

Currently he is PMP | Senior WEM Consultant, Adobe Consulting Services JAPAC which sees him working in Australia and New Zealand with web developers and designers.

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On the Day Logistics

Your WordCampNZ ticket

Your WordCampNZ ticket

When you arrive at the O’Connell St entrance to Ellen Melville Hall go upstairs and we will check you off one of our lists.

You will receive a combined ticket / ID tag / schedule much like the one on the left of this update.

Depending on when you arrive you may need to write your own name on a tag and anything else like twitter id that you think might be useful.

We will have some coffee vouchers on hand so as soon as you are checked in you can get a coffee outside at Johnny Wrays. We expect to open registration checkin at 8:15am but may try for earlier if the production equipment gets sorted faster.

We have a few volunteers to setup tables & chairs and some for registration but if you are early we may still need some help. Best car parking is at Victoria St carpark nearby $7.50 for a full day. Google map for Vic St carpark

For other notes on cafes etc see earlier post on local over here

Don’t forget the party starts at 6pm. We need to be out of the venue by 5:45pm latest and so there will be aiming to stay on schedule and finish as close to 5pm as we can.

See you all there 🙂

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The After Party Menu

Speakers ☑ ID & programmes ☑ tickets ☑ coffee ☑ after party ☑ wifi ☑

We are nearly there on all the background arrangements which is very exciting so on to the really important stuff now which would be the WordCampNZ after party sponsors assistance by Openhost.

Cassette 9 is a a local legend and we are very happy to be hosting there.


To get the party started we’ve ordered some items off the menu. Bring your WordCampNZ id and you’re are good to try some platters and other items on us. After that drinks & food will be a cash bar and here is the menu below to get you thinking.

Cassette 9 menu

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Locale for WordCampNZ 2012

Great to see so many Aussies coming from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney for the event. We also have visitors from Germany, the US (AZ-NZ) Wellington, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Christchurch and many other parts of NZ.

Downtown Auckland is changing quite fast and the area we are in is the closest thing NZ has to Piazza del Popolo in Rome – although it’s a fraction of the size. Freyberg square is right next to Chancery Square and if the weather holds we should have sunshine and Celsius 20 degrees.

If we can make a google custom map in time we will but here are a few snaps of cafes and the general area around the Ellen Melville centre. Entry on the day is from the O’Connell St entrance so we added a pic of that for you.

(Clicking on an image will launch lightbox)

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Video on the Radio

Glenn Williams is a tech media whiz. His @radiowammo show is a treasure trove of radio shows with great people such as Vaughn Davis, Jayson Bryant, Ben Young, Russell Brown and even a very long running series with Sam Hunt.

What is different about Radio Wammo is that Glenn live mixes the video on air. The various shows are on each weekday between 7am & 10am (UTC 1900-2200) and on demand 24/7 at other times.

This morning I was delighted to be on the show to talk about #Wordcampnz which is now only 5 days away. The show is largely completely unscripted and completely live with no edits – enjoy. Questions and comments as always are very welcome.

P.S – For wordcampers – Glenn will be doing a lightning talk on Saturday afternoon about Radio Wammo see our latest speaker announcement.

I forgot to mention we will filming all speakers on Saturday and making a mixtape DVD of the results for #wordcampnz attendees. BTW – we won’t be live streaming since there are some bandwidth challenges with our particular location although we may try to do some of that if we can.

Sites mentioned in the show:

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Glenn Williams – Radio Wammo Live

Glenn Williams

Glenn Williams - Radio Wammo - NZ

@radiowammo on What does the future of media look like? Video on the radio all mixed live and it is amazing… lightning showcase talk.

Glenn is a radio & internet broadcaster. Host of the Radio Wammo Breakfast Show on the Kiwi FM Network & The Climate Show in New Zealand  -the Radio Wammo Show is much, much more than just a quality Kiwi jukebox to start the day.

It provides plenty of food for thought – with a range of regular correspondents and special guests from the cutting edge of the arts, music, science, media, new technology and new media providing informed (but never dull) comment.

Sam Hunt, Vaughn Davis, Jayson Bryant, Russell Brown and many others make sure of that.

It’s also breaking new ground in the ways that radio and new media/technology can be integrated –
• using webcams to film and stream the whole show live via a a Ustream player that can be embedded onto any website Facebook or anywhere else.
• live vision-mixing between presenters, guests, videos, web pages and images using the same audio as on the radio but offering a completely different experience.
• From there posting the interviews onto YouTube, usually within 10 minutes of finishing an interview.

We are delighted that Glenn can come along to showcase the site and we have a special surprise for him.

Sites: Glenn Williams and Radio Wammo

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WordPress for Gaming – Dan Milward

Dan Milward

Dan Milward- Gamefroot - NZ

Dan Milward is an entrepreneur based in Wellington. His company Instinct contributes to a number of non-profit and Open Source projects, most notably the world famous WordPress e-Commerce Plugin and Gamefroot a WordPress powered social network for people to create online and mobile games.

Instinct have been contributing to the greater WordPress community for more than 9 years. Other examples of their work include, a Campaign Monitor Plugin, Facebook Connect Plugin, a WordPress Wiki Plugin, TikiPress for selling Tickets online, a reservations Plugin, a Group Deals Plugin (like groupon), and they have funded numerous theme development competitions to help foster the WordPress eco system.  Dan says

“My presentation will take people through the back end of the the Gamefroot website. I will show people how we are using the WordPress database to run an entire gaming website. My presentation will focus on the following points;”

1) game creation
2) game play
3) corresponding custom post types
4) the social side of gaming
5) the future of browser based gaming in WP

Dan’s aim is to show people to what extreme WordPress can be pushed. Gamefroot is being launched on April 24th in Wellington just after this event so we all get a preview. Dan is also a co-organiser for WordCamps in NZ and he represents his business and NZ at many wordcamps each year around the world.

Websites: Gamefroot , Getshopped  Twitter: @DanMilward

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